The Maya Leprosy Fund was set up in 2003 for the purpose of raising funds to be used to improve the living standards of people affected by leprosy residing in Khokana Leprosarium, a colony of leprosy sufferers situated outside the city Kathmandu.

In 2008 we decided, having achieved our objectives in Khokana, to use our funds to assist the work of Nepal Leprosy Trust in Kathmandu and in the area covered by Lalgadh Leprosy Services Centre in South East Nepal which is run by NLT. We will also continue to support Khokana Women's Group while they continue making cards.

The Women's Group

We established a community work group in Khokana for leprosy-affected women.   They make cross-stitch greetings cards which we sell to raise an income for the women of the group.    They are paid for each piece of work they finish and, once a year, get a bonus for their work.   this gives the women an income to help with their daily living.

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